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  • I have a client who has 1 main office with about 400 users and 20 odd smaller sites with only 4 or 5 PCs at each of these smaller sites. These small sites dont have the best connection speed back to the main office nor can they have a server at the smaller sites so having a traditional DP isnt an option. This was my recommendation for a hierarchy:

    A Standalone Primary site, with multiple MPs and DPs and use the branchcache feature at the smaller sites for application deployment or use boundary groups and associate content with the boundary group and create a custom collection for these smaller sites and enable bits throttling so that the link doesnt get hit too hard when conent is downloaded.

    Does that sound correct?

    Also, for some reason they want a CAS because they think having a CAS will allow for easier disaster recovery. How can i convince them otherwise?

    Friday, September 7, 2012 11:34 AM


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