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  • Hi,

    I hope this is the correct place to ask.

    I work in a big organisation were we have around 5500 PC's running Windows 7 32bit Professional with user having roaming profiles.

    There is a particular area that has a huge turn around of staff and therefore local profiles on those pc's builds up very quickly and after a certain number of local profiles the pc's start to slow down then users can only log in with a Temp profile then eventually cannot log in at all and recieve the message "The User Profile Service service failed the logon, User profile cannot be loaded."

    After this point the only user that can log into the pc's are local admin and even those still get a Temp profile and most applications will not open like Regedit or Computer Management etc. We found that sometimes if you remove local profiles manually or through a script that as long as you get to the pc before you get the above error then it can be prevented but as mentioned the high logon count makes this almost impossible.

    We have recently been buying pc's with smaller HDD's but SSD's instead of standard mechanical driveds and whilst the performance is obviously better, this problem does seem to happen a lot sooner on the smaller HDD's despite it never being close to full, mostly only half way so thats not the problem but i.e sometimes the problem doesn't occur until 400-600 local profiles whereas now its anywjere between 80-150 hence why this problem occurs more regularly now.

    The only other solution has been to re-image the pc's but this has gotten to the stage were we are doing this every fortnight now which isn't sustainable with so many pc's.

    I have read the solutions on the main Microsoft site but these mostly do not apply to my situation and its not a problem with just one profile, its all profiles and even users that have never logged into a machine cannot do so so there is no Reg entry for them.

    Any help or solution to rectify this problem without having to re-image every 2 weeks would be most welcome.

    Thanks in advance,


    Friday, July 26, 2019 10:58 AM

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