BizTalk Framework definition document


  • Hi Folks,

     I have been tasked with doing a BizTalk Framework definition document and wanted feedback on what you think might go into it, my initial thoughts are below:


    - Schema Versioning

    - Service Versioning

    - Integration Design Patterns

    - Logging and Instrumentation

    - Windows Communication Foundation Bindings

    - Enterprise Service Bus Message Header

    - Error Handling (majority to go into the Coding Standards document on how to use the ESB Toolkit Exception Mgmt)

    - Routing and Transformation

    - Auditing -  Tracking

    - Trading Partner Management  - light here as the majority is an EAI solution

    - Testing Tools (BizTalk and SOA)


    Then I was thinking about some of the classics:


    - Loosely Coupled

    - Abstraction

    - Interoperable

    - Reusable

    - Orchestration Patterns

    - Schema and Endpoint Patterns

    - Asynchronous Communication Patterns


     Please share your thoughts and dish out constructive criticism :)


     *Note I'm doing a coding standards document too so there might be some overlap but I can slice and dice as I feel fit.




    Monday, January 09, 2012 4:57 AM

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  • Hi,

    Consider below points as well:

    1. Schema Root namespaces.

    2. Class library Namespaces.

    3.  I have created Custom Framework for general work like Exception handling and email send etc. This framework can be used by any application in my suit (not only biztalk application). Try to consider this scenario as well.

    4. For losely coupled application try to design application in such a way that in future no major changes require. Like use orchestrations where it is actullly required otherwise for data transformation use map on send/receive ports.

    Monday, January 09, 2012 6:42 AM
  • Thanks Yagya - Number 1 & 2 are covered in my Coding Standards document already...

    ESB Toolkit is the only Exception Handling Framework in town, logging and instrumentation is a different kettle of fish, Enterprise Library etc...

    Thanks for the input...


    Monday, January 09, 2012 8:32 AM