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  • The advantages of the old style start menu... First of all, it's not loaded up with a bunch of proprietary junk that is of no value to anyone but tweenagers and tweeters!

    The biggest advantage to the old style start menu is the ability to drag n drop any folder shortcut onto the start button and instantly create a drop down menu for that folder and it's contents, then delete it when your finished using it. Windows 7 has disabled Windows greatest feature! What Microsoft needs to get rid of is my documents, music, pictures and all those other bullshit folders they've created that take forever to access!

    I keep all my files on my thumb drive and create a drop down menu on the start menu! That can be done with any folder! I hide my desktop and create a drop down menu on the start menu for it, same goes for my computer folder, allowing me access to all the drives via drop down menu! I have more files and folders than I care to count and having to double click on them all would be to time consuming! The only good thing I've found in the first 24 hours using W7 is the new calculator, but since there is no more quick launch, I can't have easy access to it!

    The other mistake windows 7 made is getting rid of quick launch on the task bar! It allowed me to drag and drop any shortcut to the task bar for easy access! What they should have done was leave the start menu the way it was with one acception... when the menu is in auto hide mode, you should have to bump it twice with the curser so it's not always accidentaly popping up!

    When you save a file in a folder, the next time you save a similar file the same folder should automaticaly be accessed first! All that this user, that user bullshit is counter productive! No one uses my computer but me, it's a personal computer aka pc! Asking me ten times if I really want to delete something and then not allowing me to is insain!

    I've tried and failed to load Windows Vista on my new laptop, I would rather be running Windows 3.1 than this proprietary garbage! Windows 7 sucks! I've always stuck to Microsoft programs, but you people don't ever improve a program, you're always redesigning everything like your bored or something. I use my computer for working, you design your software for social networking, and even at that you suck!

    All my software is ten years old because your programs keep getting worse every year! Vista is the newest Microsoft software I have, which works fine until I hook to the internet and start getting updates, then my graphics starts crashing.

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