How to trigger google search for my Top 10 IE Favorites in one shot ? RRS feed

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  • Hello experts,

    I am looking for solution idea. Maybe an add on exists.

    The story:

    Meanwhile my IE Favorite list contains many valuable web adresses. For each topic i have my Top 5 - 10 best links grouped in sub-folders.

    When i like to google, i only like to search within these Top 10 web links.

    What i am looking for:

    The best usability would be, to navigate within the IE Favorite tree to my top 10 folder, hit right mouse, context menue, enter in a field the search key words and start the google search.

    A typical use case:

    Search in my Top 10 computer forums/ discussions boards for a computer issue.

    Google workaround: 

    The google command "site:www…." enables for one URL. But you need to enter the site adresses manually. This is waste of time, because they are stored in my favorites.

    The solution ?

    Does anyone know a shareware ? I did not found any.

    I think, such cool usability require a development. Maybe any Google API must be filled via IE.

    The alternative: Instead internet explorer enhancement, using the Windows Explorer context menue.

    Maybe bookmarklets help ?

    I am no developer, no experience with Html ...

    Let's see, if anyone has ideas.

    Many thanks, Stefan

    Thursday, January 31, 2013 10:43 PM


  • Hi,

    most web search engines support the site: keyword.

    eg. internet explorer

    see the More>Even More link on the Google or Bing landing pages. (looks like google have removed the detailed search tricks page)

    If you want to search using multiple sites place a comma between each after the site keyword...

    at the Google Even More page you will find instructions to roll your own search provider that you can then add to your IE Search Providers list (or Search URLs), so that then your just type in your search terms in the IE address bar and it will return results limited to the sites you have chosen.

    for consumer questions about IE please post to the forum.



    Friday, February 1, 2013 2:25 AM