WATCH OUT Microsoft support scam page HOT today! RRS feed

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  • There's currently a big scam campaign of who pretend to be Microsoft, in a popup making threats to shutting down your PC if you dont let them fix it.

    MUST SEE video of how it looks like, so you can easily recognize it and not fall for it.

    Also occasionally it can happen a real Microsoft page URL seems to show up on the actual scam page (Russian Microsoft page..) thats because they spoofed the URL (see here: while still executing the scam scripts (like voice you hear, anti-tab close etc) and displaying the fake MS page with fake support number. It can also be they hacked the Russian Microsoft page which I'm unsure of, or who knows they hacked the https certificate; while the fake URL shows, its a green lock (meaning site is marked ''safe''). MS representative should forward this too for investigation.

    I think the spoofed -real- Microsoft RU link was intended by scam designers to always show up, while it does randomly and in my case and maybe most cases, it would still load on the AmazonAWS URL you see in my video.

    Thursday, May 18, 2017 12:58 PM