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  • Hi,

    I need to know the basic functionality or the background process for re-assigning the site.

    I have one primary server (Site code- AAA) for which the boundary has been defined as all of the clients will get the side code from this primary server. (e.g. - (Network A), - B)). Now Clients in both the network get assigned with the site code AAA. Client has been pushed to all the machines and the clients has detected the site AAA.

    Now I have created another primary Server (Site code-BBB) and modified the boundary so that the clients in network B will get the site code BBB.

    I deployed the client to the machines in Network B. Machine B has detected the newer site BBB but i found a strange thing. The machines are still having the MP of Primary server 1 (Site Code-AAA) as the Resident Management Point where as BBB is the assigned Management Point.

    Now it has not made any changes or created any issues. all of my packages are still getting downloaded from the distribution point of my second Primary Server (Site code-BBB). But I have few queries :-

    1) My machine has the same IP address before and after site Re-assignment. So where does the Resident Distribution Point (Primary Server 1)comes up into act. As far as I am concerned it is for roaming profile when a machine roams over to another network and another site. But my machine is in the very same network but we have re-defined the boundary to work with another primary server. 

    2) We have uninstalled the client and then re-install it from primary server 2 but still it is picking up the resident MP as the Primary Server 1. Why it is so. Is it expected ot I did something terribly wrong.

    3) Same IP before and after re-assignment of another site (from AAA to BBB). Will the machine be treated as a roaming profile.

    Gaurav Ranjan

    Monday, January 13, 2014 9:59 AM