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  • We have an old server than was installed many years ago and the people who set it up at the time partitioned the drive into C and D partitions with the C drive too small to allow for future growth.  Now there is a large software package that requires a service pack and there isn't enough room to complete the service pack installation.  Not sure why the large application was installed on the small C drive to begin with.  It is very complicated and slow (days long on the slow server) to reinstall the application, so they want to avoid an uninstall and reinstall of the software.

    So far, we have only used MDT 2012 to deploy Windows 7.

    Is it possible to use MDT to capture both partitions of this Server 2003 machine, keeping the drivers, then do a deployment task that partitions the drives with a larger C partition and redeploys the captured image back to both new partitions?

    Also since it is not being "cloned," but rather copied back to the same hardware, we do not want sysprep to be part of the process.  We want it to deploy back exactly the way it was and installed still joined to the domain with the same SID.

    If so, what additional steps and command syntax are required to capture and redeploy a multipartition image?

    Is there a better way to do this other than capturing and redeploying such as reliable software that can repartition a running Windows 2003 server?

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  • *THIS* is why I don't recommend creating large 2nd partitions on disk 0 (not talking about small recovery and/or Bitlocker boot patitions). Partition Fragmentation. :^)

    There may be some 3rd party tools out that could help (partition magic)? I wouldn't know, haven't really used them

    Best solution is to add a 2nd drive, migrate drive d: to the new disk, delete the 2nd partition, and expand the C: drive. All supported with in box tools.

    Do you have this problem on *multiple* machines, or just one?
    If just one, then boot to WinPE, archive the 2nd partition to external USB, delete the 2nd partition, extend the 1st c: partition to the new desired size, re-create the 2nd partition, and copy the files back.

    Keith Garner - Principal Consultant [owner] -

    Friday, June 27, 2014 6:37 PM
  • It may be 2 machines running the same large application.  I will need to verify that this server is not part of a 2 server cluster next week.
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