Security? IP Address Not cool? Someone or some program is changing my settings and logging on remotely? RRS feed

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  • Friday, September 09, 2011 11:05:45 AMtrue6.1Clientamd641.0Microsoft WindowsDetects problems with network connectivity.1.0Microsoft CorporationConnect to the Internet or to a particular website.9537668F-5AA2-4B20-85B3-7B99F7F56E00.Diagnose.Admin.0.etlNetworkConfiguration.cabNot CheckedThis can sometimes resolve an intermittent problem 

    Please can anyone explain this to me? I just got this pc and learning looks like alot sometimes and called my service provider and it seems that the address i was given for my router the plug in or large phoneline? Is differant than my wireless address? The cable tec stayed on the phone for 2 hours and we could not get the  boguess wireless address fixed ? and I did some looking and alot of Admin settings are wrong and at times it feels like someone is remotely logged onto my pc now programs wont respond and windows explorer frezees up and my restore to a past date does not work at all now there are files that are in places that I know was not there before? and I am the only user?I feel my pc is not safe and I am about to take this brand new pc back to Walmart and go back to working the old fashion way!!!!!!!!! Can someone please help?

    Friday, September 9, 2011 4:48 PM