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    I am facing really a serious problem in my windows 7. From last two weeks it's condition is continuously deteriorating. First it became a little slow, I thought some unwanted processes are slowing down the speed of the OS, but I was wrong as i found no processes hindering the speed of the OS. Mainly the OS is slow at the startup. But now it is really taking a lot of time to start and sometimes it doesn't start only. I checked with the registry also, only explorer.exe is starting at the startup no other process that might take load of the memory. I am using Linux also on the same PC, It is running very smoothly, there isn't any speed issues with it. I tried a software Combofix, but it was useless . I also canceled many processes that use to start after the explorer , but in vain. Please provide a better solution to this problem. I do not want to format the OS. I want to keep that as a last option. I want to solve this problem. But for that i should know what the problem is. So if anyone can help me detect the problem and give some fruitful solution then it will be very handy. Please reply as soon as possible. 

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    Monday, October 15, 2012 7:42 PM

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  • If slow start is the problem use procmon to enable boot logging( remember to save the log file on drive which has ample space as the size of log may go above 2GB). check in  procmon logs where does it takes most time. Have you tried a clean boot through msconfig if that improves the start up time?
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  • Thank you for your valuable opinion . . . But now My PC is running smoothly . . . There is one option in Device Management > ... >Tools > Check Disk . . . . I tried that and after running that i came to know that there was a bad sector in my hard disk  and it has been removed. After that now my System is working nicely. Still i appreciate that you gave answer and tried to help me.

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