Unable to create load balancer Listener on port 445 RRS feed

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  • We are try to configure app-v LB with h/w load balancer.  I am unable to create load balancer Listener on port 445 for app-v client. Please suggest if any one has any idea




    Thursday, June 14, 2012 2:27 PM


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  • What load-balancer are you using? Is this an issue you're having with the load-balancer or App-V itself?

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    Thursday, June 14, 2012 4:49 PM
  • Hello,

    This artical describes how communication works with App-V maybe it is helpfull.

    Friday, June 15, 2012 9:41 AM
  • Here are my setup details.
    1:- Create 2 App-v management servers for fail over.
    2:- Both of app-v management using single database
    3:- Content folder in central storage
    4:- For NLB, We are using AWS ELB. ELB limitation
    Load Balancer port must be either 25, 80, 443 or 1024 to 65535 inclusive
    Due to this we have change RTSP 554 to 5554. Here is client verbose  log details

    [06/14/2012 09:28:45:712 JGSW VRB] {hap=2:app=Firefox}
    GetPackageProp() for {E8E3841C-CD68-42E5-BF85-0A65E037D92F} returned:
        Locked: false
        Total size: 34955264
        Cached size: 0
        Launch size: 0
        Cached launch size: 0
        Done loading: false
    [06/14/2012 09:28:45:727 SWAP VRB] {hap=2:app=Firefox}
    Running=FALSE, loading=FALSE, in use=TRUE, instances=0 (primary)
    [06/14/2012 09:28:45:727 SWAP VRB] {hap=2:app=Firefox}
    [06/14/2012 09:28:45:727 AMGR VRB] {tid=F90:usr=appvuser}
    [06/14/2012 09:28:45:727 SWAP VRB] {tid=F90:usr=appvuser}
    Did not find a match
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:443 SRVC VRB] {tid=F90}
    Front-end component (guid=96692D28-EFFC-4752-819C-3FC956882C32, userID=7) unregistering
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:443 SRVC VRB] {tid=F90}
    Cleaning up for pid 5076
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:443 INTF VRB] {tid=F90}
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:443 INTF VRB] {tid=F90}
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:443 AMGR VRB] {tid=F90}
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:443 INTF VRB] {tid=F90}
    Returning list of 3 apps
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:443 INTF VRB] {tid=F90}
    Got list of 3 apps
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:443 INTF VRB] {tid=F90}
    Checking app 1
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:459 INTF VRB] {hap=1:app=Firefox}
    App's pid (4294967295) doesn't match
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:459 INTF VRB] {tid=F90}
    Checking app 2
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:459 INTF VRB] {hap=2:app=Firefox}
    App's pid (4294967295) doesn't match
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:459 INTF VRB] {tid=F90}
    Checking app 19
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:459 INTF VRB] {hap=13:app=Firefox}
    App's pid (6060) doesn't match
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:459 SRVC VRB] {tid=F90:usr=appvuser}
    User Id: 0x7
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:459 SRVC VRB] {tid=F90:usr=appvuser}
    [06/14/2012 09:28:47:459 INTF VRB] {tid=F90}
    SWUnregisterEventHandler() with event filter 0x00000001, app filter 0xFFFFFFFF
    [06/14/2012 09:28:59:471 INTF VRB] {tid=F90:usr=appvuser}
    [06/14/2012 09:28:59:486 INTF VRB] {tid=F90:usr=appvuser}
    [06/14/2012 09:29:05:087 INOT VRB] {tid=158C:usr=appvuser}
    OUT: SWFsdIoManager::Connect
    [06/14/2012 09:29:05:087 JGSW VRB] {hap=13:app=Firefox}
    Elapsed time for SWFsdIoManager::Connect(): 31.419 seconds
    [06/14/2012 09:29:05:087 JGSW ERR] {hap=13:app=Firefox}
    The Application Virtualization Client could not connect to stream URL 'rtsp://' (rc 19D07F2A-0000274D, original rc 19D07F2A-0000274D).
    [06/14/2012 09:29:05:087 SWAP ERR] {hap=13:app=Firefox}
    The client was unable to connect to an Application Virtualization Server (rc 19D07F2A-0000274D)
    [06/14/2012 09:29:05:087 AMGR VRB] {tid=AA4}
    Got app event ID 11 forapp uid 0xfab8d90, parent pid = 0xfffff8a0, pid = 0x0, thread = 0x0
    [06/14/2012 09:29:05:087 AMGR VRB] {hap=13:app=Firefox}
    ReleaseEnvironment(env vid=E8E3841C-CD68-42E5-BF85-0A65E037D92F:10:S-1-5-21-225527609-591333065-54925111-76856)
    [06/14/2012 09:29:05:087 AMGR VRB] {tid=AA4}
    [06/14/2012 09:29:05:087 AMGR VRB] {hap=13:app=Firefox}
    Last reference to env E8E3841C-CD68-42E5-BF85-0A65E037D92F:10:S-1-5-21-225527609-591333065-54925111-76856, removing from table
    [06/14/2012 09:29:05:102 SWAP VRB] {hap=13:app=Firefox}
    [06/14/2012 09:29:05:102 SWAP VRB] {hap=13:app=Firefox}
    Disconnect() complete
    [06/14/2012 09:29:05:118 SWAP VRB] {hap=13:app=Firefox}
    [06/14/2012 09:29:05:118 TRAY ERR] {tid=F90:usr=appvuser}
    The Application Virtualization Client could not launch Firefox
    No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
    Error code: 4604EE8-19D07F2A-0000274D


    Friday, June 15, 2012 12:45 PM
  • Hello,

    This is from the article pasted above - which I suggest you read and understand;

    Ports Ports [**] <--- RTSP ---> [554] SoftGrid Client [**] <--- RTP ---> [***] SoftGrid Server [**] <--- RTCP ---> [***] ** Client ports are in the range of 1024-49151. *** Server ports are in the range of 49152-65535. NOTE: Port 554 can be changed.

    Nicke Källén | The Knack| Twitter: @Znackattack

    Friday, June 15, 2012 12:49 PM
  • Hi znack Avatar of znack

    Without ELB app-v is working perfectly .We have already change RTSP port 554 to 5554.Please suggest which port need to open in Load balancer, hence we have open 5554 in ELB 

    Note :-Load Balancer port must be either 25, 80, 443 or 1024 to 65535 inclusive




    Monday, June 18, 2012 2:36 PM
  • Hello,

    As per the posted note and the KB-article linked above - App-V doesn't only communicate on port 554 (or the port you alter that corresponds to that port). If it is necessary to only have one port - you should investigate setting up a RTSPS protocol.

    See this tutorial on howto setup App-V without an loadbalancer but RTSPS (and thereby only one port).


    You will need to understand it more to probably have it working with your loadbalancer.

    I suggest you re-read the KB-article we posted above and try to understand it.

    Nicke Källén | The Knack| Twitter: @Znackattack

    Monday, June 18, 2012 6:16 PM
  • Your ephemeral port ranges (RTP/RTCP) ranges cannot overlap your RTSP static port. Please see this for adjusting the range on the server side:


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    Sunday, July 15, 2012 3:40 PM