Repair BCD for multple boot


  • My computer is dual boot Win 7 - Win 8.1.  I had a hardware failure and the ASUS Warranty Repair shop restored the whole drive to factory condition.  This is annoying and, I believe, unnecessary, but I kept partition copies of everything before sent it to repair, so I should be able to get it all working as it was.

    Original:  C: Primary System Bootable Win 7,  D: Primary Win 8, E: Extended, reserved for future third OS, F: Logical, Data

    From Repair shop:  C: Primary System Bootable New Clean install of Windows 7 and drivers. D: Primary, empty, labelled 'Data'

    I decided I would like to keep this clean install of Windows in addition to the other O/S's and work triple-boot.  I shrank the C: drive to its previous size, and made the other three partitions the same size as they were.  I then copied the saved partion D: to the new D:, the saved C: to the new E:, and the saved F: to the new F:  All Partitions are Healthy and full accessible in Windows Explorer.

    At first it would boot directly to the C: drive without a boot prompt.  I manually edited the BCD on C: for dual Boot from C: and E: and  I got the dual-boot selection window, but boot to E: fails.  I tried deleting the E:\Boot folder. hoping that the system wiould rebuild it to match C:\Boot, and it did something, but it still won't boot to E:, and the Repair utility can't fix it.  I am assuming that any fix for E: (Win 7 with all the software and settings I had before repair) will also work for D: (Win 8.1), so I haven't bothered with it yet.

    How can I proceed to make all three bootable?  I can send copies of any files you request.

    Monday, November 04, 2013 7:52 PM


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