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  • well kind of. so i installed doom 3 last night. i adjusted the brightness of the screen in the in-game system options and then began to play. got to a point where it started crashing on me.. currently running windows 7 rc so i closed it up and tried running it under different compatibility modes.. still no dice. but as i exited out the game i noticed everything else on my screen was much brighter.

    the game was only crashing at a certain point, and i could still start it up as normal, so i went back into the in-game system options and readjusted the brightness to bring it back down to normal. didn't work. uninstalled the game. didn't work. i've tried running calibrate color in window. after making some adjustments, and before finalization, you can compare your new adjustments to the current settings and during that comparison my adjustments look normal. upon finalization, however, it's still the same post-game brightness.

    even after restarting, the windows login prompt looks normal and after logging in the screen brightens. i have also tried messing with the settings on my monitor itself but doesn't look the same and makes my eyes hurt.

    any ideas?
    Saturday, June 6, 2009 3:48 PM

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