How to increment predecessors sequentially from the tasks (200 to 215) for the tasks at 300 to 315 RRS feed

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  • Hi Experts

    How to increment the predecessors sequentially from the tasks (200 to 215) for the tasks at 300 to 315.

    I am doing a work around.

    1. Using project I select tasks 201 to 216 and link it to get the predecessors, which I copy and paste at the task 300 and unlink and delete the predecessors from 201 to 216.

    2. create sequential list from 200 to 215 in spreadsheet (excel) and copy at task 300.

    Is there any better way ..

    Thanks a lot


    Tuesday, June 17, 2014 11:13 PM

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  • If you have the list arranged properly, you can do this.

    Say you have a list of tasks 201 - 216 inclusive, and they are the predecessors of tasks 301 - 316 inclusive.
    Display the ID column, copy the ID numbers 201 - 216, then paste the list into the predecessors of 301 - 316.

    If you have tasks 201 - 216 and they are all predecessors of 217 (because 217 is a finish  milestone), you can type in all of the predecessors 201,202,203,...216. However, it is easier to copy the ID numbers from the ID column, paste them into MS WORD, display the hidden characters to show the paragraph marks, then use replace to replace the paragraph marks with commas, then copy the list and paste back into MSP in the predecessor cell of task 217.

    There are many tricks like this to avoid typing.
    Another useful trick is to use concatenation in EXCEL to construct text strings and paste back to MSP.

    Tuesday, June 17, 2014 11:34 PM