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  • Hi all
    Two issues.

    Issue: 1

    Ever since the update to CU7 (From CU6) IE users are unable to update incidents via the portal.

    Upon clicking "update" after entering their information IE users see no change\udpates.
    Developer mode shows error "SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'get'"

    This doesn't happen on Chrome.

    The site is in the Local Intranet security zone and trusted.

    Issue 2
    We suffer from this (We're CU7 so not sure why this isn't corrected in either CU6 or 7)


    However the lines in the known issue and resolution doesn't exist in the MP Service Manager 
    "Incident Management Configuration Library management pack." 
    Ours sit in 

    Which is sealed and I cannot import the modified MP?

    The management pack import failed. 
    Errors (1):
    Cannot import unsealed management pack {0}. The database already contains a sealed management pack with the same name: {1}.
    : Cannot import unsealed management pack [ServiceManager.IncidentManagement.Presentation]. The database already contains a sealed management pack with the same name: [ServiceManager.IncidentManagement.Presentation, 31bf3856ad364e35, 7.5.7487.161].

    & I can't delete the existing MP because other MP's rely on it.

    Do I have to export all the MP's that rely on that one, delete it, then reimport all the exported MP's ?

    Any suggestions?

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    Monday, July 15, 2019 9:42 AM

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  • If the Management Pack you are importing is unsealed and you are trying to replace it with an Unsealed one then you are going to hit troubles because the purpose of sealing a Management Pack is to ensure it does not change and effect any Management Pack that depends on it elsewhere.

    You could delete the Sealed Management Pack (Just exporting it will not work) however, you would need to remove all relationships to the sealed Management Pack from within SCSM.

    What does this look like? That's the tough question.

    Lets take the Incident Tier Queue as an example: A lot of the default Work Item Templates already have a Support Group assigned in the template. This support group list is populated by the Incident Tier Queue Enumeration list and if a value is selected in one or more Work Item templates, then you will be unable to delete the value in the Enumeration List. So the default values of Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 seem to be locked in there and the only thing you can do is rename them.

    However, if you remove all references to the Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 support groups from templates, then you will be able to delete those values without an issue. (Personally, this is what I do whenever I do a clean SCSM install)

    So where does that leave us with Management Packs?

    The same rules apply. If a value is stored in ServiceManager.IncidentManagement.Presentation that is used in a template, workflow, Request Offering, Enumeration list etc. then you are not going to be able to remove it or replace it. You would need to systematically go through and remove all references to values stored in that MP that are used elsewhere.

    That is a very long answer but it's not a simple concept. If you need any further clarification I'm happy to try to help further. 

    As for the Self Service Portal issue? I would just suggest to remove the OOB portal and replace it with the Free Cireson Community Portal (https://cireson.com/apps/self-service-portal-community/) as it has more functionality, is easier to use and has active support.

    Hope this helps.

    Brett Moffett

    Monday, July 15, 2019 10:35 PM
  • Thanks Brett.

    Ref the MP. I know it's a pain & to be honest, just another reason to dump this product. That's a lot of work for next to no gain for our useage.

    I really don't understand why Microsoft didn't fix this issue in either of the last two CU's. 

    For the portal.

    The issue with 3rd party products is that they are 3rd party so if an issue arrises we get the "it's not us it's them" which is unwanted for a production system. - I'll go over the last few released IE updates and spin up a CU6 version of SCSM and see if it's client or CU7 that's caused it.


    Tuesday, July 16, 2019 10:31 AM
  • SCSM is a very powerful framework to build an ITSM solution on. With power comes complexity.

    Management of extending and creation of classes, introduction of new enumeration lists or any other customisation you require of the product will introduce dependencies regardless of what product you choose. This is a fundamental way databases work and when introducing new tables or fields and how those tables or fields are used by other parts of the product.

    With a little planning and version control, all of these issues can be removed to prevent this issue from occurring. This goes for any ITSM platform or database system for that matter.

    For the portal.

    The Cireson portal is not only a more stable solution, but it is backed by a team that lives and breaths SCSM as an entire product. The free version does not come with free support, but it is possible to purchase just a support package that can include ALL SCSM without the need to traverse the Microsoft support teams and the pain that can be experienced there.

    It would be deleterious for Cireson to push the blame back on Microsoft as the two products are so intimately intertwined. To push blame back on Microsoft would be giving customers reasons to drop SCSM and therefore Cireson products.

    In fact, to prove that, for free of charge, I'd be more than happy to get on a remote session with you at any time to work through this issue with SCSM, Cireson, Custom extensions or any other component of your ITSM solution if you would like.

    Let me know if this can help you.


    Brett Moffett

    Tuesday, July 23, 2019 1:20 AM