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  • Error 6118 and Net View problem - SOLVED At LAST

    My solution involved no changing of P.C. settings, however will only be relevant if you have one or more WiFi Range Extenders in your system.

    I have several network wired P.C.'s. They all started to have this problem. Using a Command Prompt window, entering Net View / ALL produced the error, however entering Net View with an individual computer name or IP address worked.

    Selecting NETWORK in Explorer resulted in most connected devices not showing under 'Computers', although they did show under 'Media Devices' and 'Storage'.

    The contents could be accessed in other ways, but the problem really aggravated me. 

    I researched the matter for weeks, and tried dozens of offered solutions, all without result. Most revolved around changing P.C. settings, but I soon realised that since the problem was universal to all connected computers, my solution lay somewhere in one or other connected devices.

    Making sure DHCP was only enabled in one Router, and rebooting them did not resolve the issue. I then realised I had other Networked items I had not considered.

    I have 3 TP-LINK Range Extenders (RE305) in my system, which work very well. More research indicated they may have DHCP options, however try as I may I could not access them.

    So I removed all 3 from the system. Went to the P.C., and all my devices had appeared again using Net View and Explorer.

    I was concerned that I would not be able to use the Extenders, but decided to continue slowly. I plugged in the first, then the second as well, no Network problems. All devices showing on P.C.

    I plugged in the last Range Extender, and Error 6118 was back. The solution was to just Setup the device again. I used all the same settings. Network devices showing and accessible on all my P.C.'s again.

    So there we are. I would still turn of DHCP on all but one Router if there are several, but in this case the culprit was definitely a WiFi Range Extender.
    Friday, July 12, 2019 9:57 AM

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