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  • I am responsible for DPM in a rather large environment and we are using DPM for Exchange 2010 only. The number of extends are over 1900. we have about 50 MDBs and protect both active and copy (DAG group) using DPM.

    I have read the articles about moving the storage onto new disks, but before I get dramatic I want to ask/point something out:

    I tested removing protection for a copy database that had about 15 extends: removing this protection released 3 (!) extends.


    Can someone explain to me if this is permanent or if there is some backgrounf housekeeping in the database that will eventually released the other 12 extends that was associated with this protection source?


    Thank you,


    Tuesday, June 28, 2011 6:18 PM

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  • Hi,

    I am assuming that you are runing the following script to view extents  and that you used MigrateDatasourceDataFromDPM.ps1 to migrate one data source to another disk.

    The migrated replica and recovery point volumes will not get deleted until all the recovery points expire that are contained on the old volume.  This will be based on your retention period.  After that, you shoud see the extents free up.  

    Regards, Mike J. [MSFT] This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    Wednesday, June 29, 2011 12:41 AM
  • Your assumption is partially correct: I have used the above mentioned script to obtain this information. I also removed the protection for a particular source and deleted the "data on disk" for this protected source.

    Preforming this action released 3 extends. Prior to removing the protection and its data volume it was listed by the script with 15 extends.

    I need to understand this: if volume is extended and you remove the protection and its related data volume using DPM, are the extends retained in the LDM database? HOw can this be right?


    The overview from the LDM Script:

    Connecting [EXBKUP\MSDPM2010]...
    Total disks          : 3
    Total volumes        : 240
    Total extents        : 1936
    Total data sources   : 120
    Number of non-colocated data sources that can still be added: 90

     PRior to removing both protection and the datavolumes from DPM I had 87 available extents, total Extents was 1939


    Wednesday, June 29, 2011 3:22 PM
  • Just to put the spotlight on this issue: lets say I rebuild and migrate from exchange 2010 to next generation of Exchange. I want to do this over one weekend and reuse DPM:

    I remove all the proction since I migrated to a new platform, remove all the volumes from DMP and start generating new ones.


    What it sounds like is that you need to migrate volumes if you have any extents whatsoever, also if you just want to delete them.....


    I am going to wait 14 days (10 now actually) that would be the time the "DELETED VOLUME's" recovery points expires..... I am really not impressed with the data base not updating whats is actually there.


    Wednesday, June 29, 2011 3:42 PM
  • Hi,

    Since you deleted the replica volume, then the extents would be released immediatly.  However, If the data source is a SQL DB, and you have co-location enabled, then removing the SQL db from protection and deleting replica actually releases no extents since other SQL DB's share the same volumes.


    Regards, Mike J. [MSFT] This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    Thursday, June 30, 2011 2:17 AM
  • Mike


    THis MS Exchange 2010 and below is what I have going on:

    I dont seen any trace of volume sharing. This is also "cluster protection" (Read MS Exchange DAG Groups)

    If you look at KDB48, there is only one (whereas all other databases have one "Active DB protection" as well as "Passive DB protection" and this is where I removed protection from one of the two. resulting in the replica to be removed and the data to be deleted from the disk.

    I am still looking to understand why this operation released only 3 extent and not 15 (!!!) that was associated with this entity (datasource/physical ID/ Datasource ID)


    DatasourceName ProtectionGroupName NumberOfExtents PhysicalReplicaId DatasourceId
    KDB01 KDAGA 19 292569dd-3309-4825-8a11-6568b1e367a3 0e9f46e0-3045-4080-9c86-ceea78a640b0
    KDB01 KDAGA 16 2a188b22-77d4-4706-9b22-1d25f3015b41 98726bdb-565c-4c94-8069-7b069f38e96a
    KDB02 KDAGA 20 5ce6c490-5539-4df8-b029-cbd98cc20efb ac361da2-52f7-40a8-a4ef-dbdd5449057b
    KDB02 KDAGA 19 216b6d41-8007-4e70-b6e5-f4a1220c4c70 6538668f-535b-44c5-bdaf-ded0ff18cfdf
    KDB03 KDAGA 25 be7b7199-3870-429e-9701-c009234903e6 b2a80589-f676-4083-ab94-2c9633e7bd4b
    KDB03 KDAGA 19 e611ecd9-6975-41c7-8726-381f347fabd7 f455a642-7968-4491-923b-6e0ed9664d5f
    KDB04 KDAGA 22 d4f625a2-b1c0-4fcb-8483-898ccfbc6580 c799a183-8fd3-48f9-ba9e-a6c6cd03bc39
    KDB04 KDAGA 20 77b921d0-2e02-499e-90b5-0e91aa2a7213 34ac10c5-059d-4e40-af1b-34c29d7e127d
    KDB05 KDAGA 21 8fd5f5db-1388-45fe-aa2c-95b90d9abaa5 fcdb7e53-7f28-467c-88d6-43f79f821fa4
    KDB05 KDAGA 15 d028de40-ee06-40a8-ad01-243a8e376915 edef5a46-0af5-43d9-9e8c-eb4a3d0a5fea
    KDB06 KDAGA 22 920f08ab-d961-4d8e-99fd-eac54a53bd4b af49ecc9-e308-46a4-b439-023b040cbd80
    KDB06 KDAGA 18 c252a162-d2f2-4a5a-9471-e489916f74b9 a54694ef-66a3-479d-88e7-d4b887fb06d3
    KDB07 KDAGA 21 97b621c1-b78d-48fc-a52a-f92eba04bd8e 4e0d99fb-bf99-4855-9cca-f5b0c0968b51
    KDB07 KDAGA 19 42069a0c-b582-49bb-9843-ec45b42fc11f a33a1714-7c71-478e-ac9b-ff7c7233fd3c
    KDB08 KDAGA 19 41767a64-3017-471d-ba27-5a14f91a4c77 1ff71ee3-80fb-4764-b60d-4c70b5c9811a
    KDB08 KDAGA 14 77f7b5b1-3929-4b51-8bfd-ff34d3163160 af0795c9-a709-4a81-952a-2392893e27d7
    KDB09 KDAGA 23 c5d97a9b-e27f-4339-9269-904b15129bde 8cdcccdb-e8ba-4594-9891-c924feb4be46
    KDB09 KDAGA 14 72078140-be0c-4914-823d-83f7eae120ef a1f7e916-1331-4aa1-b74c-2396c5e27813
    KDB10 KDAGA 24 50e8c978-c290-440e-8837-81f446b28498 8bc90fdf-16cf-4ea8-83b9-c9fc104f2ad4
    KDB10 KDAGA 23 58a5b8a8-89a9-4861-9243-cdc131b342c7 88aad05f-5025-436e-b5cc-764e19b7dfd5
    KDB11 KDAGA 19 ae3042f6-62bc-46fc-b5d7-fe36c7bd8359 253c560f-3539-4728-b3fd-10878dbe5708
    KDB11 KDAGA 18 b16afe17-e259-4b0f-b329-749b6d7d5913 4c2a3d80-f288-4c19-b24b-7cf045dddcb4
    KDB12 KDAGA 17 bba23079-8e44-4426-8450-506c62a1aba0 ac31c339-c360-4a3d-b2f9-6136500e2e81
    KDB12 KDAGA 14 1448bc5b-c112-4ebf-878c-cdec199893d2 40477b78-847b-4d3e-be36-e8407e5ea20a
    KDB13 KDAGA 26 4b24fabe-caae-4c70-88f7-1d5dafcbe5bb 35d9daed-a235-4f0b-ba8d-dd285b94bc14
    KDB13 KDAGA 26 80e5fda4-2cc5-4b80-ad7e-f4c4612f5fc6 8e1b09b8-b8b5-4cb3-9659-98890ce3973e
    KDB14 KDAGA 20 0254b814-21b9-42aa-bb60-96b38f2c2236 3382809e-a188-4270-b9d8-8a6392f5a8b0
    KDB14 KDAGA 17 f1dfbc2b-6076-4f9f-a20e-bfe1fdd4b480 41805212-67d2-4ebe-a4ed-3daae4750822
    KDB15 KDAGA 19 d723ddc0-db9c-45fc-a6c7-4e2b9dab18c1 134181de-8e21-4aac-a88e-164cc1a2a549
    KDB15 KDAGA 17 d872143c-c035-427f-8669-528176f0e031 a1024477-5fab-45a5-a599-bfc4066d04bd
    KDB16 KDAGA 29 1f1abf20-4074-44ff-b918-6de13e51f4b1 185847af-8226-4845-bce7-43997c86e3d3
    KDB16 KDAGA 22 bcacbd4d-e7d7-4893-8d92-c2459b5bdb0f 4fba3e63-886a-448c-9ff6-dac7d4243f51
    KDB17 KDAGA 19 696f53b6-4120-4ef6-a669-6ff3975fe495 37614602-c7f0-4e10-b506-b3c5f2472ff0
    KDB17 KDAGA 16 a0c1b550-2715-411f-abc8-ffbba2a892e9 799dc466-49d5-4525-a088-1701c9880a1f
    KDB18 KDAGA 19 3ac722b5-9a62-4c5a-921a-40585bde8811 0fa517e9-335a-4950-8ae2-d5520665a082
    KDB18 KDAGA 15 d5650d1c-5599-4af9-a1c3-d9aea9672400 34cab202-4521-40bc-9548-5d8f1d5a371e
    KDB19 KDAGA 19 03d718d7-e4f1-42c4-895b-54efc01c8800 2a8da1e1-0a9a-4153-bef4-e87579f123e4
    KDB19 KDAGA 16 7ebda6b9-e687-4b81-b245-7d79c70edbc3 e1fba3e2-4656-47a2-ad07-1b23d19a1630
    KDB20 KDAGA 19 4f014bd3-7022-4b88-b3c7-08afa6c4332a 6232806d-3688-4962-aaae-d3cadfe642d0
    KDB20 KDAGA 16 9652866b-84f7-4538-93f1-221d7ff6c225 b72847a3-5e50-4b97-87b7-945d4e360a2b
    KDB21 KDAGA 20 246959f1-119b-4f8c-bdab-ac31a8b70215 dd48d3ca-aeff-4498-ad6d-f8245c8042ec
    KDB21 KDAGA 16 f1753fe7-1b1d-485c-a651-f613eaec7d19 128d5acf-4b76-41a8-b439-0f6c4daae66a
    KDB22 KDAGA 18 9aaa85d2-d4af-4630-880b-5aa57cc8aac5 2c1a4bbd-1f81-4518-95bb-c99b9ea7e336
    KDB22 KDAGA 16 6c7fc14c-d6fb-41da-ab9f-d8ad88bdf3b3 45cc6b28-6dd2-4900-8139-3b093bf97541
    KDB23 KDAGA 19 e1a7f00a-c529-4671-bdc4-a03af16d33e4 1fa460a9-3a43-461d-85ef-c95b912b1c82
    KDB23 KDAGA 16 6fda5321-e341-43e0-985a-9daf3fbef152 a0e73c38-0e97-468a-a05c-4fdd397567fc
    KDB24 KDAGA 19 5213c110-6448-4497-9bfb-32c16df37329 b334ed68-608a-4d2a-bcbf-eb17f28da6e8
    KDB24 KDAGA 14 0bcffa53-a9bd-4c7f-a31b-f7b9c0d6eecd d8e0aaed-3e2d-4cec-b707-88b610490d7d
    KDB25 KDAGB 19 f84940a6-f1dc-4b30-ac97-68f89b82a15f e45c1823-412b-461d-b1b1-9fb3ddd8d8a0
    KDB25 KDAGB 15 db9574f3-4b1d-48d1-94fd-0112a5ec1343 06063efa-654a-4d94-85be-100aae92ff5a
    KDB26 KDAGB 18 59cdd1e6-9ece-4d1b-a4cb-203f89578b89 e0ff9bad-fa9e-4a9c-af03-a2da74b8fe1b
    KDB26 KDAGB 15 bc9faab9-f312-4b1e-aeab-7a37ed74704d 07939a67-2b3e-4268-9ed9-1d2790127536
    KDB27 KDAGB 19 b8a90f69-54b9-466b-99fb-b0cc6e871b08 9ec7d108-877e-4e11-a940-78a26637e59c
    KDB27 KDAGB 16 d3ec070e-edae-487e-bffa-7d830edc9413 4a592301-11e1-4d26-af03-b76a8773e04c
    KDB28 KDAGB 18 e8d37fe8-3eca-4076-a937-d791f83adafe 2e50d38d-9560-4a91-8615-a88003e85ba4
    KDB28 KDAGB 16 1f5ae988-d534-4991-a389-79d5991e5073 ac9e11c7-3fac-4a25-a328-c43aeaf9c3f8
    KDB29 KDAGB 18 d080d99f-7154-4ead-b833-d1629d0e318f cc0befb8-3c7a-4994-82e6-715931a16d21
    KDB29 KDAGB 15 3d06d17a-992f-4a8a-9815-511eab9784db 7bf9d577-c27c-43ba-ab1a-702ca94f4aa4
    KDB30 KDAGB 19 11cabc2b-bb09-4dc4-add8-538fb9ead9c1 9468e3f2-9c18-4e58-8e6a-b91623885c09
    KDB30 KDAGB 16 5750c531-15da-44ff-91af-d18c85c0a65e 46cdae28-7eac-4dc5-a580-706bca1efbb6
    KDB31 KDAGB 19 4d5aa246-6383-40a7-9b0d-4d06c433923f c28c5140-e13f-4715-ad2a-7d951d71e6e2
    KDB31 KDAGB 16 5f4ef00f-d34a-49c6-9588-3573a29283e0 f8106ad4-1c37-4911-a4b5-e2301b27f89b
    KDB32 KDAGB 20 03e7b63a-397d-4c05-8d4a-23a31407125b c3541b9f-cac4-4e69-93a1-98ca808a53fd
    KDB32 KDAGB 16 3f1b1e96-731a-47a2-a074-b49eeae1656c 48715200-64ba-464c-ab39-51d3c06e7e94
    KDB33 KDAGB 19 1a1f4110-64c6-47b7-9ab4-0deaf1305422 3d193167-fecb-490b-bb19-361ae9a21df6
    KDB33 KDAGB 15 0b4a36e6-e415-46f0-b2ad-ca923c944b00 771fd3e8-fa51-40fc-8d34-b92b443d99d9
    KDB34 KDAGB 19 057bfaf0-7899-43c6-9aa7-88bf7657299f d5b23df1-8b4d-48d4-806b-db1ee5ebc398
    KDB34 KDAGB 15 179b6e82-e5fe-4b38-a133-2ac018080fa0 cedd52ee-6e4a-4da3-b865-8a14bceafe4c
    KDB35 KDAGB 19 f8608add-e138-4f05-b2dc-c538b37c8d03 af300b4c-1bc4-40b9-80f4-3a1d0e3296d8
    KDB35 KDAGB 16 6c6764b6-d27a-4f49-8f5e-2fe1ae30d739 bb7707fa-627b-4d81-8a57-6469cc2f5d8d
    KDB36 KDAGB 19 43841424-0a8b-413e-a4b9-7be33aa9f801 439958a4-98e4-415e-8c07-630ac7b196d5
    KDB36 KDAGB 16 b32b733e-1c39-46a9-8e05-77adcbda84e1 58fc8db4-567c-4e19-aeac-e036b02a35d4
    KDB37 KDAGB 19 8cb4b56f-b551-4c72-8cdc-ebc8e2257569 f580c376-d667-4aac-8a6c-a0c8c290d228
    KDB37 KDAGB 15 91d0a8f3-04d9-4e3f-8659-cb388b13b9eb d3b52492-02a9-41fe-b214-741f28b1a44e
    KDB38 KDAGB 19 d1d3a775-5142-4b95-b0b5-68f1b2c3f657 098807f3-9869-4a91-9474-2ec2729e66f0
    KDB38 KDAGB 9 2309b42e-91ef-417f-b11b-616c1f6704b6 ce26bd44-42fb-47ed-97b1-4e670b878397
    KDB39 KDAGB 18 8e8b4dec-a1e1-496e-b31d-e1eee80ff1fa fc19f248-3278-49f5-9cce-a580ae4b5871
    KDB39 KDAGB 15 82c2ab4f-65f7-4997-b910-3c1d3af3a23b 811139ee-c78f-424c-b86e-0a040d2ae34a
    KDB40 KDAGB 19 2ed55529-d5fd-4457-adbf-ae54979ce04d caa66d1c-a9af-460f-8092-1a8b1042f7ff
    KDB40 KDAGB 16 8d93c02e-9fb1-46d3-9d9a-a1b7f7c4c9e2 fc794ced-5dec-487d-be4c-8f3b07b5665d
    KDB41 KDAGB 19 36b2f452-19cb-4806-9528-3641c3cb0899 3242884d-a54f-4ab5-b9c5-cb9b6c6c72b2
    KDB41 KDAGB 16 c65e810e-c0f4-4ea4-9247-cb9411bd2487 7c835b54-bc1a-4fa6-921c-532fcd6febe4
    KDB42 KDAGB 19 0bed4786-df66-4dee-8015-8b83cbbec6e8 a1e63650-a79d-4829-a2ab-53a8b5f77d43
    KDB42 KDAGB 16 59fc4e73-45d5-4f31-90bd-cffb42eb35d0 1cd7b3d9-93e9-4ff9-ad68-d12dc5a607d9
    KDB43 KDAGB 19 b66738ea-332a-4416-a709-8d171dd3e5d4 ae2fe2c6-c316-4fd4-8096-18e2c2852309
    KDB43 KDAGB 16 c218e735-a343-45c9-a8db-86e455732a88 0c276369-71a0-488d-a554-c1203c49c00e
    KDB44 KDAGB 20 3331ab83-d29a-476f-a70d-945a509d62b6 4bdc5094-fd02-4e83-9bac-b611932fc63f
    KDB44 KDAGB 19 e52f8be1-0bba-4f6d-92b1-fe4569fe84cc 3c2889e4-c583-47a7-a13c-dbcf175d49b7
    KDB45 KDAGB 19 02a74561-8b20-4c21-9b4b-21778ee13bf5 dd331002-dce1-4d19-9842-908d8ca08d25
    KDB45 KDAGB 15 797f8d1d-9eed-4a14-9637-81a9a4fd14e0 e53a4841-7be1-4b6e-a82a-1dcb0460dcf4
    KDB46 KDAGB 19 345fd16a-9e1a-47e4-90a1-efd8e55a821d 14ad4b39-61c0-4671-98b9-590a5435ad46
    KDB46 KDAGB 16 fd329d6b-d43b-4764-b78e-9c0134cecec6 f15d99c5-6989-479c-ae2c-79253cea1a06
    KDB47 KDAGB 19 1504d7de-086f-412c-8fbc-b510d63c062e df9c6829-7b8a-40f9-bae1-ee72e28d3196
    KDB47 KDAGB 15 8441c346-8c9f-47f3-ba9f-a9f80c127702 3ecae8c7-b97e-41d0-a886-608945b2aa91
    KDB48 KDAGB 19 c5dcb8b1-f2b1-4d05-a29c-fdf01e15cf2b 81c8be66-a22a-416e-ade0-4ae663671f23


    Thursday, June 30, 2011 3:29 PM