Limiting Search Using Path or Other MP RRS feed

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  • Hi

    So Im new to Search and finding it a bit frustrating.

    I have a published site. And this site collection conatins 5 subsite.

    One of these subsites is called projects.

    What im trying to do is bring back Sites and Pages as results for everything under and including this subsite.

    For example. http://xxxxx.com/projects would yeild a result and so would http://xxxxxx.com/projects/health

    But http://xxxxx.com/regions would not.

    So what i have tried as a search query as a result source. {searchTerms} Path:http://xxxxx.com/projects*
    I have created a new MP (SearchPath) and used the same mappings as path this kind of works. for example.

    {searchTerms} SearchPath:/projects -- gives me results only under projects site but doesnt give me the projects level as a result.

    For example: The pages under health would result. http://xxxx.com/projects/health/pages/forms/allitems.aspx
    but not http://xxxxx.com/projects/health

    Other things i have tried. deleting the content source and creating a new one to crawl http://xxxxx.com/projects then setting the result source to conentsource="projects"

    I have also added a content type to the projects level subsite and tried quering by that.

    If anyone could give me some advice or tips that would be awesome.




    Friday, March 6, 2015 5:36 AM