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    I have a query related to SP2 of ProClarity Analytic Server (PAS). I have installed SP2 of PAS (version 6.3.2217.188) on the server and then I have published all the ProClarity reports from ProClarity Desktop Profession (version 6.3.2217.188). In this case, I have also installed SP2 of ProClarity Desktop Profession on the machine from where I am publishing the reports.


    After publishing the reports I am not able to view some of the reports from the PAS server which were working fine when SP2 was not installed on the PAS server. If I remove SP2 of ProClarity Desktop Profession (version from the machine then at least I am able to browse the cube through ProClarity Desktop Profession. But after publishing it onto the PAS server it is failing to generate the reports.


    Here is the error which is getting logged on the PAS server.

    Error when accessing page "COBAM Detail Report" ({428B6210-494F-4B99-8136-0B680E8392E4})

    from book "CP3.2_ProclarityReports_patchversion" ({8DBB3ACC-2BD2-4D1A-8C12-006F1C971FDC})


    Cache File Name:  (unknown)


    Call Stack:


    Location: line #14874 of file QueryImpl.cpp

     - Error-code: (0x1b), Error-number: 0x800f000a

     - Error on executing command query


    Location: line #14339 of file QueryImpl.cpp

     - Error-code: (0x1b), Error-number: 0x800f000a




    Query Connection XML:

    <ConnectionInfo><Provider Name="{176941F9-18E8-47D6-860D-006FF2655608}" Caption="MSOLAP"/><Server Name="cpflexsqla01.dns.corp.microsoft.com"/><Catalog Name="CP_DW_OLAP"/><Cube Name="[CP_DW]" Caption="CP_DW"/><Schema Name=""/><LocalServer Name="cpflexsqla01.dns.corp.microsoft.com"/></ConnectionInfo>


    Query Command XML:


    ** The maximum size of the message buffer (32K) has been exceeded.


    Another observation is if I try to run the MDX query generated by ProClarity (version 6.3.2217.188) in the SQL studio, it is throwing an error: “The expression contains a function that cannot operate on a set with more than 4,294,967,296 tuples”. On browsing through net I have found that it is the limitation of NONEMPTY() function used by ProClarity to retrieve records. The function usage is supposed to controlled by “Use Non-Empty Crossjoin” check box in the Options box of ProClarity Desktop Profession.  


    However unchecking the option is not showing any effect on the MDX generated. On viewing the Options box the “Use Non-Empty Crossjoin” option is again shown as checked.


    Please help me in resolving this issue.

    Tuesday, March 3, 2009 11:18 PM

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