Launching task manager when low on ram can't display all tabs RRS feed

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  • NOTE: I'm testing under high memory pressure due to a dev situation which isn't ideal (IIS, .Net, etc.). This could cause ram allocation errors but highly unlikely it would WHEN I did this. 

    I have saved the machine state (Hyper-V VM) if helpful to upload somewhere.

    On this test I have .Net web garden which is failing to allocate ram, the .Net problems I'll submit elsewhere (not sure where to) but basically if I have a lot of garbage to collect AND filling ram with Cache object - Both of which should be able to be freed from ram when the system has little to none free I can see significant swapping. I now have turned off swap file so that the worker processes get unable to allocate memory errors, but in addition to that I got my RDP disconnected, the next time I logged in I didn't get Explorer/Start menu at all. The third time I logged in and launched task manager and have only one tab. I pretty much immediately saved state and posted this in case helpful to upload VM and RAM.

    For anyone .Net reading this: I'm experimenting with <gcTrimCommitOnLowMemory enabled="true"/> which doesn't seem aggressive enough given these kind of errors. 

    I have about 10 lines of C# code can take down a windows server I can run which uses nothing but String, GUID.ToString, and a few for/next loops. 

    Friday, December 25, 2015 6:22 AM


  • Hi,

    .Net(codes/programing) related problem, you may post on MSDN forum, select the correct queue by clicking “view all” at the left column:

    According to your description, my understanding is that Explorer/Start menu and tabs on Task Manager will be missed when you remote connect to the WS 2016 TP4(VM).

    Have you manually changed the registry key/system files before this problem happened? If so, try to undo the change and confirm the result.

    Have you configured RDS deployment(RD session host/connection broker/etc.), or only enable the remote connection on the server locally? 

    Remote connect with another credential/or, from another device and confirm the result. 

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    Eve Wang

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    Monday, December 28, 2015 7:08 AM