CHKDSK not finishing RRS feed

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  • My niece came to me with a PC that has been running slowly. She thought it might be Skype and uninstalled that, but it started behaving the same a couple of days later. On reboot, it displayed the "recover" or "normal" options, so she chose the former. It ran for over 40 minutes, but then she killed it. She brought it to me in what she said was an unstartable state. I had a quick look around using a Knoppix CD, and saw that Windows was installing an update when she said it was misbehaving. I restarted it with the "recover" option and it eventually displayed the login screen.


    Thinking there may have been some disk issues, I set it to run CHKDSK on restart with the "fix errors" boxes checked. It ran fine through the first 3 phases, but at 15% in the 4th phase it paused: disk activity stopped and nothing happened for several hours. I rebooted it and it stopped in the exactly the same place. Eventually I rebooted again and skipped CHKDSK. It started up fine, but I'm worried there might be gremlin lurking...


    Does this mean that there's a disk problem that CHKDSK can't fix, or is there a problem with CHKDSK itself? Looking around for this problem, I've seen a couple of other instances where this has occurred. Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully accepted. TIA

    Sunday, March 23, 2008 7:41 PM