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  • I want to be able to capture the prior value of a SharePoint List Column, Is there a way to hold the prior value? vs the new value when the column changes?

    I have been specifically told I can not add a new column to the list, so, I am not sure how I would capture the Column value,  as I do know there is versioning set. but how would I capture a specific column in the prior version, in a workflow?

    I want to Store that Prior Value as a VAR, then when the Column Changes I want the new value to be in the workflow also.

    So what I would have is prior value vs new value of column, and if then do not match send an email.

    Is there a way to capture the prior column value vs new value of column?

    As I want to capture changes to the column, but if it starts as None,  and then if column changes I want to send email, and then if it changes back to None  tne I want to send an email letting the person know it reset to none.

    So I was told my logic is this: (do I need to capture the prior value?)

    Column A can start as a Blank value, or it can start as :

    If column A starts as None - no email (sent)

    if column A changes to ABC1 send email

    If column A changes to ABC2 send email

    if column A changes from ABC1 to ABC2 then send email

    if column A changes from ABC2 back to ABC1 send email

    If column A changes from ABC1 to None send email

    if column A changes from ABC2 to None send email..

    the emails are ONLY sent when Column A is changed, not when anything else changes in the form, as the form has a long task list and several things change after column A is set.

    What trips me up is when the column A can go back to None and then they want to send an email with the value.

    Again, I can not add any additional Columns to the list.

    Is there a way using SharePoint Designer to do the above situation when column A changes? even with out holding the prior value..

    Does this need to be solved using C#?

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