Sharepoint 2010 Fast Search Blobs listing from external database


  • Hello all,

    I am working on a search engine to crawl documents from a Database. The blobs are stored as BytesArray into SQL server 2008 R2. The files types are PDF, Doc and Docx mainly. I have to do that with Fast Search because I will have to customize some queries later.

    I configure BCS to be able to crawl my "External Content Type". I don't know how to find the keywords into the files. When I am typing a keyword, I am getting the BCS result and not the documents.

    I create my "External Content Type" via Sharepoint Designer and since the creation, I did many Full crawls.

    Did someone ever did that?

    Looking forward for your answers :)

    Monday, March 26, 2012 8:48 AM