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    Basically its pretty simple, but I do need to know.


    I have 2048mb of DDR2 Ram in my "Vista HP" pc, although I recieved an error message while only having MSN messenger and dreamweaver open


    "You system is low on memory"


    Fair enough, I opened up task manager to find available memory at ZERO.




    The strange thing is, I could clearly see "Physical Memory - 2045" / Cached - 1388 / Free - 0" in task manager.

    Where are the 700 odd MB that should be available as physical memory?


    System -

    Intel C2D E6400 @ Stock 2.14ghz

    2048MB DDR2 Ram

    Asus Motherboard

    320GB Seagate SataII HDD

    Nvidia 8600GT 512mb Gfx Card.


    Please help, as this is really starting to annoy me now.


    Many Thanks.


    Daniel Hall


    Thursday, September 13, 2007 12:47 PM