Exported A policy that has a setting with UserProfile Value but it is not applying for Local User


  • Hi Techies,

    I encountered an issue with one Office Group Policy setting called that is a user Config Setting, path is

    User Configurations --> Administrative  Templates --> Microsoft Outlook 2016 --> Security --> Cryptography --> Signature Status Dialog box--> Attachment Secure Temporary Folder

    Set to %UserProfile%\OTmp location.

    this setting should create a registry value in current user profile of type Expanded registry value.

    outlooksecuretempfolder           REG_EXPAND_SZ      C:\Users\Username\OTmp

    To apply this setting to Local User exported and applying policy using command line as admin. But this is creating a string Type Registry value 

    outlooksecuretempfolder          Reg_SZ       %UserProfile%\OTmp

    Can anyone know why this different behavior happens.


    Thursday, February 02, 2017 2:52 PM

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