HP Server 2008 R2 keeps restarting


  • Ok, so I have a HP Server in my office and this morning, I had to restart and afterwards, it wont load again. Its odd because it shows the BIOS screen, and when it starts loading to ask me for password, it just restarts again and then tells me Windows had an unexpected error and asks me if I want to restart again or go to the startup repair. 

    So I tried the Startup Repair, but the problem is, it asks me for the local administrator account, it doesn't let me use the Domain admin. The problem I have here, is that I don't have that password. My ex-colleague who configured and ran the servers just up and left without saying nothing so we lost a bit of information. I tried restarting again, but it does not work either.. Can someone PLEASE help me!!!

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    Tuesday, December 31, 2013 1:43 PM