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    I have a question. Here :

    Carol says that “If you mean you’d put the value on an earlier tab in the RCDC and then use it to filter in the same edit (or create) action – this won’t work. The value must already be committed to the object. »

    There is a control tab for each attribut, but it's static control so ...

    So if I have 2 different input attributes (2 numbers for example), it’s impossible to control that the second is greater than the first one ?? (without commit values).

    And I have a second question, I try to add an .aspx page to my FIM portal.

    I found Carol again here J

    Then here :

    And after ? LLL

    I created a new resource : Service (same level as User or Group)

    So I created a new tab in the portal menu with that link :  ~/IdentityManagement/aspx/customized/CustomizedObjects.aspx?type=Service&display=Service

    It works well, but the problem is, that it loads all services every time I click on. And I want to go to the “white page” like for user, group…  This one :

    (because there will be a lot of objets and we don’t want to print everything, but just to be able to research in, and not change cache configuration)

    My english is not very good but I hope you understand J

    My question is : how to add a new .aspx page in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\MSILM2SitePages\SitePages\aspx and use it (without the 404 error).

    I tried in : C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\MSILM2SitePages\sitePagesElements.xml

    but :(

    For the moment i use Users.aspx, i have change the link for users to use directly : ~/IdentityManagement/aspx/users/AllPersons.aspx

    And if you have time, to explain me the : <IdentityManagement:PersonList id="PersonList"  width="100%" height="100%" runat="server"/>, which is in AllPerson.aspx.

    This control is in every aspx file, but i dont understand.. :( I think that IdentityManagement is a kid of DataBase with user,group,process… But is it possible to add something in (Service) ? or is it a link to Portal resource ? or in SharePoint ? It uses the Namespace = Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls, but.. 

    And to finish :)  imagine that i want to create a "favorite website link" tab in the menu.

    So i add that to my aspx file :

    <iframe runat="server" id="reportIFrame" class="style1" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes" style="border-style: none; border-color: inherit; border-width: 0px; width: 1100px; height: 1000px" src="">

    It works well, but is it possible that every user has his personal and customizable page ?

    Add an attribut in every user, "Site", then use it in aspx file ? javascript + powershell :( ?

    Thank you a lot if you can help me !

    MOSCONI Théo

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