Exchange Server 2010 fail over to DR Site


  • I have tow sites with same domain , first site  ( Main Site ) has 2 HUB/CAS & 2 MBX servers , second site ( DR Site ) has 1 HUB/CAS & 1 MBX Server , 

    every site has Active Directory , I created one DAG for all sites and all MBX in every site is member in this DAG. also i put one of HUB/CAS in first site as witness Server  and alternate witness Server in HUB/CAS in DR site.

    please advise if this design is correct of i should modify it ?

    also what is the correct procedure to Fail over to the DR site if i shutdown the all Main Site or shutdown WAN link from Main Site 


    Tuesday, July 10, 2018 8:28 PM