Can't use Content Type X as template to create Content Type Y RRS feed

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  • Hi - I'm using SP2007; Mossadmin V 12;

    I found this post quite helpful - however, I have an extra CT layer that is causing me some grief.

    I have a centalised template storage library.
    The CT here is 'Controlled Document'; the requirement is two layers of approval, version control, alerts and basic I.M. auditing: to ensure the SOURCE template is most current. Ie, it is a controlled document.

    I have another library, OHS Records.
    I intend for users to open an OHS template and save it here, as a different CT: OHS Report.

    Two Options

    Using CT to add template to the library's New menu:
    Issue is: As the 'OHS Report's document template is the HTTP link of the doc in the central library; when a user creates a new document it opens as a Controlled Document CT; rather than the OHS Report CT.

    2. Using static link in webpage to open template, with instruction to 'Save As' before check-out - so as not to edit the actual template.
    Issue is: This creates a twisted path of pop-up prompts for the user; quite confusing and will not pass usability testing.

    So to summarise:

    I use one CT (Controlled Docs) to ensure templates used are latest approved versions;
    I want users to be able to use these templates and save them as a different CT, depending on the template's purpose.

    Please help!
    Many thanks,


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  • The best way to do this is to ensure that your templates have the same content type as the documents you are generating from them.

    If you want to maintain a 'Template version' or have some template control then do this by ensuring that the template author hardcodes this into the document footer or similar in word so you can track the template used to create the actual document.

    If you find a better way let me know but my experience is of problems if you do it any other way.

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