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  • Hey,

    Another SteadyState issue. Seems if you block websites using the "Prevent Internet Access (except websites below)", it prevents SSL sites from working.


    On a locked user, I have the following allowed: mysite1.com;*.mysite1.com;mysite2.com;*.mysite2.com;

    The blocked user can access those fine by going to http://www.mysite1.com or http://whatever.mysite2.com however when trying to access mysite1's SSL area, it's blocked. User cannot access https://www.mysite1.com. If I disable the "Prevent Internet Access (except websites below)", the user can then access https://www.mysite1.com.

    In steady state you cannot define the protocol on the allowed list, so adding https:// to those URL's is out of the question.

    The network does not use a proxy and settings are correct. Tested this with other websites. Secure connect just aren't working with that option checked. How could I make it so steadystates fake proxy allows port 443?

    What could one do to make this work right?

    Wednesday, December 2, 2009 8:37 PM