Group Policy Wizard


  • Hi,

    is there any way how you can use Group Policy Wizard  not being domain administrator or local administrator on target machine?

    MS says:

    The settings are reported in HTML and are displayed in a GPMC browser window on the Summary and Settings tabs in the details pane for the selected GPO. You can expand and contract the settings under each item by clicking hide or show all so that you can see all the settings, or only a few. To remotely access Group Policy Results data for a user or computer, you must have the Remotely access Group Policy Results data permission on the domain or organizational unit that contains the user or computer, or you must be a member of a local Administrator’s group on the appropriate computer and must have network connectivity to the destination computer. To delegate Group Policy Results, you need the Windows 2003 Server schema in your Active Directory. To update your schema, run ADPrep /forestprepon the domain controller with the schema operations master role.

    The problem is that Remotely access Group Policy Results data allows only to  generate report locally on target machine  . When I try to generate report from Group Policy Management, I am receiving an error - Access denied.

    If I add user on target machine to local administrator group, then I am able to generate reports using Group Policy Wizard.

    Is there any way how you can get Group Policy Wizard working without local administrator rights?

    Wednesday, May 18, 2016 12:46 PM