Transforming custom form in sand box solution to SharePoint online


  • Hi All,

    We have custom sandbox solution deployed in SharePoint online.  We  have custom visual web part which were on button click saving the data in multiple lists. 

    Now since MS has stopped supporting custom sandbox solution we need to convert those. 

    But cant finding best possible solution. We could have JSOM but since our one form updating multiple lists (8-10) at a time I am not feeling this better approach.

    Second possible solution is Provider Hosted app and using CSOM but which will require server to host it. OR Asp.Net web application hosted in Azure, but then it will also require Azure Subscription.  

    Is there any other possible and easy approach to implement such kind of feature. Please suggest. 

    Any help will be highly appreciated. 

    Thanks! Best Regards, Prasham Sabadra

    Friday, August 26, 2016 1:32 PM

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