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  • Hi, just set up DPM2016 and I've been searching around forever without figuring this out:

    On previous version of DPM we could only select the entire VM (with all attached VHDs) or nothing. The only way to exclude VHDs on a Hyper-V VM backup was through registry "FilesNotToBackup"entries on each clusternode, which honestly was a LAME HACK in my opinion. Being able to select which drives you backup is a very basic feature, virtual server or not. 

    From what I can tell everything looks the same on DPM2016. I don't see any way to exclude VHDs on VM backups:

    1) Is this accurate or am I missing something?

    2) If this is still the same, the procedure is still as explained in this blog: ??

    All input appreciated, thanks.

    Wednesday, March 1, 2017 9:47 AM

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