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  • Hi all,

    I already posted the question in this page ( / sorry for the link, the forum didn't accept a link as it is my first topic), but, as the post was "answered", I prefer open a new topic.
    Here is my problem: the Microsoft Passport Container cannot start, access denied in the logs.
    In the account management options, I cannot access anything except my own account. Impossible to create a new account, to open the connection options, to add a user... Each time, the same error appears in the logs (NgcCtnrSvc access denied).
    If I add a user by using the command Net User in command line, the user is added in the list (I can see it in the account management), but when I restart the computer, I am stuck on the sign in/PIN screen (without any field displayed on screen). Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Supp give access to the 3 buttons on the far right bottom corner of the screen, and I can activate the WIFI or restart for instance. Someone waited 1h30 before having the possibility to access Windows. I didn't had the patience to test that. I restored Windows with a restoring point from 2 days ago, then I can log in into Windows again, but I have still all my previous problems.

    The NgcCtnSvc service cannot be started manually (access denied). For information, no dependencies are present in the Dependencies tab.

    In the registry, I have Total Control on the NgcCtnrSvc key, except for the parameters sub-folder for which the owner is TrustedInstaller. Changing the owner can allow me to change the control on these registry keys, but it does not change anything (and I checked on another PC with Windows 10 installed where the registry is set the same way).
    On the other PC, the service is started.

    If you have any idea...


    Sunday, September 20, 2015 4:37 PM


  • Well Kran,

    Apologize for not following up on the old thread.

    NgcSvc and the NgcCtnSvc services are all stopped at my test machine. And I could switch, create or add user accounts here.

    They will start automatically when you need to add a New user account through settings.

    Those two services are recommended not to modify manually, Did you remember any changes have been made recently?

    Joined Azure AD, setup PIN, or anything like that?

    Besides, check the Remote Procedure Call service, make sure this service is started.

    Meanwhile, add a new user account with Netplwiz, open Run box, and simply type Netplwiz, then press enter.

    Add the new account into admin group, then try to login with the new account.


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    Tuesday, September 22, 2015 6:28 AM