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  • Several weeks ago, I posted about a constant problem I was encountering with my son's school's computers.  I had very few responses which led me to believe that most users were not encountering this problem of corrupted user profiles.  The problem had continued these past few weeks.  Someone had created new profiles on these computers without having any SteadyState restrictions applied.  The only restriction was that the accounts were made into "limited" guest accounts instead of administrative accounts.  SteadyState still recognized the accounts, but again, was not involved in its restrictions.  None of the new accounts, in the past few weeks, became corrupt - only the accounts with SteadyState restrictions.  The corruption is usually the inability to copy the file content of the IE folder which leads to the inability to open the profile.

    First of all, is user profile corruption a common occurrence?  Secondly, I was wondering if it is my custom settings in SteadyState that have made the program unstable.  The kids need to be able to run programs installed in the computer, save to the USB drive, and use the internet.  All other functions are not allowed.  My goal is to prevent the children from inadvertently clicking on something and disrupting the system.  My settings have included the lowest restriction followed by various selections to prevent right clicking, access to the hard drive, prevent saving to the desktop and so on.  Are the preset restrictions more stable?  Is it okay to hide the C drive from the user?  Which are the minimum settings to achieve my stated goals while maintaining stability?

    I have tried to stick with guest accounts only, but the children have been able to change things on the account too easily.  SteadyState is the best alternative to keep the computers in order and I would really like to continue using the program, but not at the expense of continually replacing corrupted user profiles.

    Operating OS:  Windows XP Home; Antivirus: Antivir; Firewall: Kerio Personal Free; Spyware: SUPERAntiSpyware; Spyware: SpywareBlaster; Cleanup: Advanced Care System 3

    All updates had been applied.
    Friday, May 8, 2009 10:06 PM

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  • Hi Curious D, thanks for the post. Did you receive any error message while the account profiles became corrupted? Could you let us know the exact error message?  



    Sean Zhu - MSFT
    Tuesday, May 12, 2009 8:52 AM
  • Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact message and I have deleted the corrupted user accounts and replaced them with new accounts. As stated above, it was something related to an inability to copy files from a folder and then the account would not be able to start. If another user account fails, I'll be able to be more specific. Given the current rate of account corruption, it shouldn't be long. The only thing that would hinder me from being aware is that the teacher isn't very communicative about problems with the computers. I need to ask. Thanks again.
    Monday, May 18, 2009 9:03 AM