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  • Hi People,


    So I've just been asked to provide very detailed usage stats on a large MOSS install. Questions like:

    How many distinct users have accessed the system in the last 90 days? What were their usernames? Which pages did they go to 1st - in which sites? What did they do on those sites?

    Full user profiling across all sites and all site collections on the whole farm!

    And no there is no budget to buy any software that does this out of the box.

    So how do you do it?

    Yes I know there is usage processing and logging and IIS Logs and the log parser etc etc...But does anyone have any specific answers to how to go about answering those questions above.

    And yes I know about the reports in SharePoint Designer but I do not want to open each and every site up in that on the farm as there are close to 1000 sites! it'll take for ever.

    I need a free tool - or guidance on use of existing tools - or info on developing a tool - that can iterate thru all sites in a site collection to get those questions mentioned above.

    If you have read this far - thanks - it's a long post!

    If you answer - thanks a million!















    Friday, October 29, 2010 3:53 PM


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