Color in PowerView Map Chart


  • Hello,

    I've mapped my collection data on the Map Chart

    I've put measure "Debt Amount" as SIZE - the City with more debts is shown as a bigeer circle. So far so good...

    I now whant to "color" the cities so the city with best collection rates (another measure) will be green and with worst - red

    But I was dissappointed to discover that "Color" section is for pie chart categories

    Any ideas?




    Thursday, November 07, 2013 11:11 AM


  • Currently, Power View is limited in color customization, so getting specific colors will be an issue.  Also, color must be a discrete value from a column and can't be a measure.  This means that you can't really make the color change dynamically based on slicer selections.

    Without knowing the details of your data model it is hard to get specific, but if you don't need to filter the Power View Map, you need to create a calculated column that marks each city as Best or Worst, then use this new column in the Color field.  If the entire dataset for a given city is marked as either best or worst then the pie chart will only show a single value and a single color.

    Again this isn't dynamic so if you require the data to be filtered, the best/worst banding will not change for each city when you start filtering the data. 

    Thursday, November 07, 2013 4:38 PM