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  • I have been trying Vista out for a bit now and I have some thoughts about the workings of DWM as well as Sidebar.

    How much of the WIndow management is controlled by DWM? Does it operate Aero by itself? I am wondering since DWM only takes up about 2-10% CPU and 20Mb memory on my 4.2 point system. I would have thought a windowmanager that operates in 3D would have to pipe alot od data through the CPU despite a GPU taking care of most of the computing.

    Sidebar is a different story. It occupy 120Mb of memory and 50% CPU when Idle. 120Mb of memory? Its embarassing but I can accept that programers today are not challenged enough to bother to write efficient code. But 50% cpu is pretty darn near retarded. Compare this with Apple OSX gadget application that occupy about 2% CPU with a whole lot more gadgets running.

    On another topic Id like to see what DWM is capable of. How do I deform a window and still be able to interact with it? Etc. twist a window that is playing a movie and have the movie twist with it (still playing). As can be done with Dappler/XGL and OSX.

    I am curious why Microsoft choose Direct3D for DWM when OpenGL is documented to be much more lightweight and efficient. A window manager has absolutely no need for the newest shaders and other things offered by Direct3D. It just seems odd to make this chooice. It would be more logical to develop a whole new 3D platform since Direct3D is obviously inadequate to power a window manager (being for to complicated and demanding).



    Thursday, February 15, 2007 9:13 PM

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  • 12 years later, someome answers this. 

    1) DWM at Windows Vista/7 renders all the window graphics, also some effects like the animations and the blur at window borders. 
    In Windows 8.1/10, it's a little different. In Windows 8, also it renders all the Metro interface. In Windows 10, it renders the UWP Apps graphics.

    2) You can't compare two programs that were made for two completely different OSes, OS X manages the resources and processes very different as Windows does. But, the Vista's Sidebar was very poorly made. 

    3) DWM is capable of transforming EVERY graphic aspect, as demoed multiple times at YouTube (search for 3D Window Manager framework for DWM), the only problem is that Microsoft didn't documented the required functions to do it with DWMApi.

    4) I think it's obvious why MS has developed the DWM using DX. After all, DX is one of their products. 

    Also, OpenGL is not as capable as DirectX to manage something as delicated as the whole windowing system, at least in the Windows ecosystem. Think about DX was implemented, integrated and improved along the Windows history and versions.

    Never is too late to answer! 
    Regards, MLX.

    Sunday, January 27, 2019 12:56 AM