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  • All,

    There is some issue with proclarity drill to detail. Proclarity standard version (Web version) which is being used is "6.3.2214.168". The issue is that when drill to detail is clicked on a cell, it should return 1162 rows but it is returning only initial 900 rows and hence the amounts are not matching with the summary information (Get All Rows link is also not available). I changed the grid properties in the Proclarity desktop version to return all the rows and it returned me all the 1162 rows without issues but the same is not working properly in standard  version (Web version).

    I have tried the below things but still nothing worked out: -

    1. Changed the grid properties in desktop version to return all rows and republished the view.

    2. Migrated the version to 6.3.2222.144 (Still same issue)

    3. Increased the ASPMaxRequest size to 1GB.

    4. Executed the MDX of drill to detail on the cube and it is returning 1162 rows but not the proclarity web version.

    Let me know if there are any other things which can be done to get all the rows.

    Friday, March 4, 2011 5:35 AM