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  • Dear All,

    I need a help to make sure that whether it can be done or not and what do you suggest. As the title say how would you set custom field (string, lookup, multiple value allowed) using SharePoint Designer? I know that SharePoint Workflow 2013 - Project Server has action called Set Project Field, but it only allowed me to select one value. I've even tried to set variable and assign it in that action, in hope that it would accept a different input but it still failed. The only value that I know it will accept is guid (lookup entry guid). Some value that I have tried with no luck:

    1. Using entry value with ;#;# delimiter (ex: Entry_04bea636551aea11b07700155d74a101;#;#Entry_04bea636551aea11b07700155d74a102)
    2. Using entry value with ; delimiter (ex: Entry_04bea636551aea11b07700155d74a101;Entry_04bea636551aea11b07700155d74a102)
    3. Using guid value with ; delimiter (ex: 04bea636-551a-ea11-b077-00155d74a101;04bea636-551a-ea11-b077-00155d74a101)
    4. Using name of lookup entry (ex: Cost Efficiency)

    But it did accept 1 guid value (ex: 04bea636-551a-ea11-b077-00155d74a101).

    If we could not set that multiple field using such action, perhaps there is a way to set it using api. Do you any reference that pointed me to the correct way to update project field multiple value using api? I found some reference when using CSOM, but not purely api.


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