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  • We require our managers to approve new distribution groups.  However, there are times when a manager cannot approve the group for various reasons (ie, traveling and no access to VPN).  We want our helpdesk to also be able to make approvals on their behalf.

    The "Approvers" tip shows that it can be a ";" delimited list.  Does that mean that lookups won't work in that delimited list?  I'd like to do this:

    IIF(Eq([//Requestor/ObjectID],[//Effective/Owner/ObjectID]),[//Requestor/Manager];/Set[DisplayName = 'Group Administrators']/ComputedMember,[//Effective/Owner/Manager];/Set[DisplayName = 'Group Administrators']/ComputedMember)

    That should make the approvers the manager & the Group Administrators.

    This leads into my 2nd question.. if the above does work, is it possible to also do a lookup in the "Pending Approval email template" so that the helpdesk does not get approval requests for every single distribution group request?  (I only want the manager to get the email.  If the helpdesk is requested to approve, they will go into the portal under "Manage My Requests")

    Thank you!

    Monday, June 26, 2017 11:51 AM

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  • Look ups mentioned won't work because that will not be a valid grammar. What you need is a Search Filter Expression to construct the list (not possible in your case as far as I can see) OR to combine a Lookup with search filter which is what you want, you'll first need to use UpdateResources activity to generate the approver delimited list as a WorkflowData variable and then use that as the single lookup expression in the RequestApproval activity. 

    RE: #2, the only way do with Approval activity is if helpdesk is configured as Escalated Approvers.  And only after the approval gets escalated because the original approval did not act within the configured days, they can approve. Not before that.

    If that does not work well for what you want to implement then, if the user calls the helpdesk, helpdesk can always submit a brand new requests and you can configure an MPR to not require approval for any requests from helpdesk.

    Monday, June 26, 2017 1:06 PM