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  • I need to partition disks for certain machines with the following requirements:

    - C drive 120GB and rest of the space to drive D that is going to be data disk. 

    - Automate Bitlocker encryption for both of the partitions

    Will MDT handle this or do I need to implement a custom script in MDT?

    Saturday, September 16, 2017 6:25 AM


  • It may or may not be easily doable with the built-in commands, I will try providing some general guidance below.

    Assuming you are using UEFI (steps for legacy are the same) and you are using just one computer model:

    • Duplicate the Format and Partition Disk (UEFI) step in your task sequence.
    • Rename and customize partition layout to suit your needs.
    • Add a condition that your custom formatting step runs only if task sequence variable Model equals your computer model. 
    • Add a condition that your default formatting step runs only if task sequence variable Model does not equal your computer model. 

    Notes: you could support more computer models using OR operator. In some cases you may need to ressort to scripts to query certain aspects (for example HDD size).

    As far as Bitlocker goes: use standard tasks to pre-provision and enable Bitlocker on the SYSTEM partition. Use a custom script or run command line to enable Bitlocker on your data partition. If it is an option, take a look at implementing MBAM infrastructure as it may simplify bitlocker provisioning and maintenance.


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