Configuring Expiration Policy on Content Type RRS feed

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  • I have created a basic Expiration Information Management Policy in MOSS 2007.  I have it triggered to launch a custom Notification workflow 5 days before the End Date of a list item.  To acheive this, I created a new field called "FiveDaysBeforeEndDate" and am populating it via a 2nd workflow.  When this date hits, the Notification workflow is triggered correctly so I know I have the Expiration policy setup correctly.  But, the next night I want the Notificatoin workflow to trigger again if the item still exists but it is not triggering.  Is there an Expired flag somewhere that is flipped when it hits the first Expiration which will prevent it from being considered Expired on subsequent nights? 

    Ideally, here's how I want it to function:

    • User creates a list item and a workflow assigns an expiration date
    • When expiration date hits, Expiration Policy launches a workflow (workflow simply sends an email)
    • If the user has not updated the dates on the item or deleted the item by the next night, Expiration Policy is triggered again and another email is sent
    • Rinse and repeat until user updates/deletes item

    I'm hoping it's just a matter of the Expiration Policy isn't meant to be triggered more than once

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