Unable to disable COM Add-Ins UI dialog in MS Office 2010 Word using the "Disable Commands" GPO


  • Unable to disable the COM Add-Ins UI dialog using the "Disable Commands" GPO.
    I have been trying to use User Configuration -> Classic Administrative Templates (ADM) -> Microsoft Word 2010 ->
                Disable Items in User Interface -> Custom -> Disable commands

    I tried 943 and 3754 for Command bar ID to disable the Com Addins dialog using the "Disable commands" GPO on Windows 10 with office 2010 x64 but they did not work.

    AddInManager    button    None (Core Tab)    TabDeveloper    GroupAddins            943    586
    ComAddInsDialog    button    None (Core Tab)    TabDeveloper    GroupAddins            3754    587

    I am trying to disable the MS Office 2010 Word COM Add-ins Dialog: File -> Options -> Add-Ins -> Manage COM Add-Ins -> Go -> Com Add-Ins dialog..
    I need to disallow users from changing the loaded COM Add-ins using this "Disable Commands" GPO.

    Any help achieving this is greatly appreciated.

    Friday, December 4, 2015 3:36 AM