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    I've been building out a test environment for some Intune deployments we have in the works, and have encountered some weirdness in the Intune traffic reporting on both the NIC of the guest client VM with Windows 7, the virtual NIC it connects to on the Server 2008 R2 + TMG VM on a Hyper-V virtual network, as well as the Internet NIC on the TMG VM. TMG has had the Intune script from Paul Bourgeau's blog post applied to it as well.

    While traffic from Windows Update, Internet Explorer etc are all reflected accurately, I've repeatedly watched Intune VMs pull down 50-60 updates without having an impact on the bytes sent/received on all three of the NICs above, the only place I'm really seeing the traffic being reported is via my ISP.

    I initially tried running this against a single NIC TMG VM, but noticed that a bunch of the connections were bypassing the proxy, but now that I have completely isolated the client from my network, forcing it through a double NIC TMG VM, I am confident that it isn't finding a way to bypass that VM completely.

    Any suggestions for what I should be looking for to help troubleshoot the traffic that I should be seeing reported, but am not? Everything is pointing to this traffic still bypassing the cache completely, which I know could be a TMG config issue, but the NIC reporting is just weird, especially as it only seems to be the Intune traffic that is MIA.


    Wednesday, February 29, 2012 8:57 AM


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