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  • BUG in StandAlone mode installation of WDS role

    To reproduce the BUG:
    1. install Windows Server 2016 (not important if Workgroup or domain member)
    2. Im PowerShell enter:
    PS: wdsutil /verbose  /progress  /initialize-server  /server:localhost /REMINST:C:\RemoteInstall   /StandAlone
    (If you want you can also install WDS role with Server Manager but you must select stand alone mode)
    3. Create a simple xml file with PowerShell, Notepad or File Explorer. I will create the file at PowerShell prompt:
    PS: "SampleAnswerFile" > C:\RemoteInstall\WDSClientUnattend\PC1.xml
    (If you want you can use File Explorer to create the .xml file but you must verify that the extension must be .xml. The content of this answer file is not important to reproduce the BUG
    Start WDSMGMT.msc
    Clic Servers, Click on the name of your server, click Prestaged devices,
    Right clic on Prestages devices select Add Device and enter:
    Name: PC1
    Device ID: 123456123456
    Clic Next, Clic Next
    In "Client Unattend" page, clic "Browse" and select the .xml file that you have created, clic Open
    At this point you understand the "Browse" button do not work because your file is not selected!!!!!!!!

    WorkAround: Because the Browse button do not work you must enter the path and the filename of the answerfile manuall in the text zone after AnswerFile but:
    You cannot enter the full path C:\RemoteInstall\WDSClientUnattend\PC1.xml, you must enter only the partial path without C:\RemoteInstall\ for instance you must enter:

    Only path that DO NOT CONTAIN C:\RemoteInstall are accepted.

    C:\Remoteinstall are automatically added to the partial path that you must enter!

    I will be very happy if a moderator will transmit this BUG to correct it

    May be it is not a very big bug but I think is very confusing and you should correct it

    That you

    Thursday, December 17, 2015 11:16 AM

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  • The text on the 'Client Unattend' page states path relative to REMINST, the share name on the server. So that does explain what is required to be entered as text, although not obvious.

    The browse button however does not appear to work (appears to be something to do with navigating away from the default location the browse box chooses to me as sure it worked first time...) Even going via network to the REMINST share on the server it does not select the file (the fields remains blank as you say).

    Does not appear any better with Active Directory Prestaged devices to me. So yes something that needs looked at before general release it appears.
    Saturday, December 19, 2015 10:23 PM
  • Hello,

    Thank you for submitting feedback concerning the WDS role on WS2016. 

    Please use the Windows Feedback tool to submit suggestions and bugs for WS2016.

    Best Regards,

    Steven Graves

    Windows Beta Team

    Monday, December 21, 2015 3:18 PM