how to lunch a test pwa which is identical to the original pwa in project server 2010? RRS feed

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  • hi;

    we have a SharePoint 2010 farm which contains 4 servers: WFE server-Application server-Report server-Database Server

    I have a Project server service configured on it. There are two Project server on two distinct web application: SharePoint 80 and SharePoint 47856.I'm going to use the second web application as a test environment which has the same data. what should I do?

    I'm going to backup the original database every week and restore them to the test databases but I'm not sure if it's work and how to do so.

    moreover, we have an application which is connected to the original pwa  using web services. we have an identical test environment of the application which using back up and restore procedure. now I intend to have a test environment of pwa  to connect it with the test environment of application.

    Sunday, November 2, 2014 4:24 AM


  • Hello, to create an identical instance on a test farm see the following post: If you are creating a test instance on the same farm you won't be able to take the 5 databases as the content database can't be restored again in the same farm in the same or different web application. In that example you would only be able take the 4 project server databases and create a new content database with a new pwa site but your project server config would migrate apart from the PDPs - these would need creating again. Also the project sites would be lost on the new test instance. Paul

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