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  • I've looked EVERYWHERE and I'm about to take a hammer to my computer.

    I bought a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade to go from Windows XP Pro SP3 to Vista.   The long term plan is to go to Windows 7.  The reason I'm making it a two step upgrade is to keep all of my programs; I buy a lot of them online from the publishers and am now missing some of the setup archives I downloaded.

    Here's my setup:

    • Asus A7N8X 2.0 with BIOS 1010 (the latest available)
    • 3GB HyperX RAM
    • Athlon 3200 Processor
    • BFG 7600GS 512MB Video Card
    • SATA PCI Card (only has an HP DVD writer attached to it)
    • 500GB Western Digital Hard Drive with about 350GB free.
    • 120GB External USB AcomData hard drive
    • AuzenTech 5.1 sound card
    • BitDefender 2010 Internet Security

    I have installed using the latest CD upgrade kit directly from Microsoft that contains a SP2 disc (my DVD drive does not allow booting from DVD when attached to the SATA card)

    After I successfully run the setup CDs, WindowsXP shuts down and reboots.  The BIOS runs all tests successfully (memory, drive dtection, etc), the SATA card detects the DVD writer, then the WIndows Vista boot menu appears.  It defaults to Windows Setup.   The screen goes blank and then the scrolling green bars appear wih Microsoft Corporation displayed.  The hard drive runs for about 5 seconds, stops loading, then flashes trhee more times in roughly 5-6 second intervals.  Then the scrolling on screen continues but there is no more drive activity.

    Being somewhat technically inclined, I try to see where it stops using the Safe Mode in Windows Vista.  The last items to load are:

    • mup.sys
    • fvevol.sys
    • partmgr.sys
    • ramdisk.sys
    • drive.sys

    The system stop loading after that.

    After reading many suggestions online (some made by "Microsoft techs" in other forums), here's what's been done:

    • Downgrade the clock speed of the RAM to 166mhz
    • Donwgrade to 2GB  (in both 200mhz and 166 mhz memory speeds)
    • Unplug the removable drive
    • Removing all extra hardware down to where only the video card, mouse, and keyboard were attached.  I even tried pulling out the video card but the MB doesn't seem to like that as it beeps loudly when this is done.
    • Change the video apature size to 256MB (512MB crashes the system) as suggested by other owners of my motherboard.
    • Enable ACPI caching to RAM on suspend in the BIOS power management.
    • Uninstalled all programs that the Windows Vista upgrade advisor said would stop a successful upgrade.
    • Tried disabling legacy USB support in the BIOS menu.  The only thing that changed was I was no lonegr able to make selections in the Vista boot menu.

    I have every single Windows update installed except for those that refer to Windows Server, which I do not own, and the multi language packs.

    I know there's something crashing/failing on the loading of the setup but I'm at wits end.  There are many reports this motherboard should have no problems running Windows Vista as it apparently meets the hardware requirements.


    Tuesday, June 22, 2010 2:57 AM