Calculate Sum across text groups


  • Hi. I am new to DAX and need to take a class but right now I am stumped on something basic that is holding me up. I can't seem to make this work and it is pivotal (no pun intended) to my project.

    Environment: SSAS 2012 Tabular

    FactTable related to DimTable by emp_no    
    DimTable Heirarchy - Team, emp_no   
    Measures:  All based on FactTable   
    (Base) Total Events:=COUNTAX(FactTable,Left([eventype_id],1) > "1")  
    Operator Actions:=Calculate([Total Events],Filter(DimEvent,Left([eventype_id],1)="O")) 
    Team Operator Actions:=HELP!     
    Total Operator Actions:=Calculate([Operator Actions],All(DimTable[Team]))  
    Operator Action Pct:=[Operator Actions]/[Team Operator Actions]   
    Team Operator Action Pct:=[Team Operator Actions]/[Total Operator Actions]  
    Column Operator actions total for all operators within respective team - OK  
    Column Team Operator Actions to total all Operator Actions for Respective Team. 
    Column Operator Action Pct to calculate Individual % of Team Actions   
    Column Total Operator Actions to total all operator actions regardless of Team  
    Column Team Operator Actions Pct to calculate team % of all operator actions

    I have tried many combinations and can't seem to get what I want. What I think I want is this:

    Team Operator Actions:=Calculate([Operator Actions],DimOperator,DimOperator[user_name])

    but I get the error:

    "Calculation Aborted. Cannot convert value 'Operator' of type text to true/false."

    Thanks in advance.

    Thursday, March 13, 2014 6:06 PM