Win 2012 RDS farm not accessible over DA RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have build an RDS farm using 3 win 2012 ( 1 broker and 2 session host, no gateway)

    I do have  multisite 2012 DA environment

    End users are able to open web url page of RDS, but cannot further remote into any terminal server or open remote app.

    same works fine within LAN or using older SSTP based VPN. 

    I am able to remote into all 3 RDS servers separately over DA, but not via farm.


    Thursday, April 3, 2014 11:20 AM

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  • Hi,

    I have come across the in one of my projects.

    For DA clients we was able to get RDS working via DA by adding the IPv6 address to the Session host IPv6 interface.

    So for example from your da client ping the FQDN of one of your Session hosts. 

    e.g. ping rdsh1.contoso.co.uk

    Pinging rdsh1.contoso.co.uk [fda9:a21e:a2c0:7777::a0a:a1f]

    Now login to the Session host and add "fda9:a21e:a2c0:7777::a0a:a1f" as a static address on the IPv6 settings.

    Repeat for your 2nd session host.

    Reset the RDS services or reboot servers.

    Once you do that you should be able to access the RDS via DA.

    This is due to the connection broker sending back the IPv4 address to the client and that is why it is failing. When you add the IPv6 address the Connection broker send both the IPv4 and IPv6 address.


    Regards, Rmknight

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    Thursday, April 3, 2014 12:17 PM
  • Thanks for the reply,

    any idea where to get info for IPv6 subnet, gateway, dns or did you leave it blank.

    Thursday, April 3, 2014 1:06 PM
  • The Subnet will auto fill. probably with /64

    The rest we left blank.

    Regards, Rmknight

    Thursday, April 3, 2014 1:08 PM
  • Thanks, but that did not help.

    To add following registry is also in place but no help:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\ClusterSettings\

    Thursday, April 3, 2014 1:30 PM
  • Anyone any suggestion, I am still having this issue.

    I have contacted MS support over this,  its escalated to 2nd level who is waiting for weeks for third level to respond.


    Thursday, April 24, 2014 9:07 AM
  • I also have had a case open with MSFT for 4 weeks now. I've had multiple technicians attempt to remedy the issue to no avail. We need a fix for this, as we have many users who cannot access our ERP system remotely. DA Server 2012. RDS Server 2012

    1 CB 1WA 2SH

    Were you able to get a true fix for this issue?

    Thanks in advance,

    -Scott M.


    Monday, November 16, 2015 8:32 PM
  • Sorry Mate, Microsoft support completely disappointed here.

     So we gave up and simply created 2 independent terminal servers for 2 teams we have.

    Friday, December 18, 2015 6:40 AM